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How tumultuous was the applause which greeted him! Bouquets were thrown at his feet! It was a grand sight to see how calmly he, in his triumph, let the bouquets of flowers rain upon him and then finally, gracefully smiling, placed a red camellia, which he had plucked from one of the bouquets, in his button-hole. Thus I thought, thus I explained Lisztomania to myself.
Heinrich Heine, Essays II

The Exhibitions – The Venues

To mark the 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt’s birth, exhibitions at a number of venues in Eisenstadt and central Burgenland – some of them unique original locations – will be devoted to the life and work of the great composer. Taken as a whole, the exhibitions will present a picture of the important phases in the composer’s life and provide insights into a dazzling, complex personality: prodigy and piano virtuoso, star performer and heartthrob, composer and renewer of music, European, free thinker and clergyman.


KSB - Kultur-Service Burgenland GmbH.

Dr. Wolfgang Kuzmits (Managing Director)
Theresia Gabriel (Exhibition Design)
Dr. Gerhard Winkler (Exhibition Conception)

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