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Heaven & Haydn

Via Crucis

In 1878 and 1879 Franz Liszt used the 14 stations of the way of the cross as an inspiration for his music. 100 years later, Karl Prantl, Pöttsching sculptor, put his view of the Via Crucis into practice, with his very own material - stone. Gerhard Krammer is interpreting the piano version of Franz Liszt’s composition with projections of Prantl’s stone sculptures. Thus, old and new are blending.

Sun 27 March 2011, 6.00 p.m.
Bergkirche Eisenstadt
Tickets: € 15.00 / € 10.00

Life is a Dream

Tones and rooms, thoughts and tunes - sounds of 400 years.

Live music on Joseph Haydn’s deathday – this is the idea behind the musical programme that is set to scene in the parish church of Eisenstadt Oberberg on the 202nd day of Joseph Haydn’s death. Religiousness is the link between times and places, between composers from then and now.

Joseph Haydn: “Nun beut die Flur“ from “Die Schöpfung“, aria for soprano
Joseph Haydn: “Das Leben ist ein Traum“, for soprano and piano
Franz Liszt: Tröstung (Consolation) for piano
Franz Liszt: „Invocation“ (taken from “Harmonies poetiques et religieuses”)
Gerhard Krammer: reflexion sur invocation (UA)
Gerhard Krammer: Adagio for ensemble

With: Jana Mamonova (soprano), Hannes Gradwohl (chello),
Judith Paukovits (clarinett), Eduard Kutrowatz (piano),
Gerhard Krammer (elektronic music) and more ...

Tue 31 May 2011, 7.30 p.m.
Bergkirche Eisenstadt
Tickets: € 35.00 / € 20.00

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